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STO Express America Recruitment

 Job Application

Address40539 Encyclopedia Cir, Fremont, CA 94538


STO Express fully aware that human resources are the driving force behind the development of enterprises throughout the United States Employment fluent in English, and have the following qualifications and relevant work experience personnel:


    1.      Logistics and Supply Chain Supervisor: STO is looking for a logistics and supply chain supervisor who understands American express logistics industry structure and processes, and familiar with express and logistics network construction and management; He/She will participate in the construction, implementation and support of procurement processes that meet established specifications, design criteria, quality standards and business requirements; He/She is comfortable out in the field meeting and developing ways to integrate our logistics services within the larger scope of STO Express.

      Degree requirement: a bachelor or higher degree is required.

    2.       Business Operations Analyst: STO is looking fora business operations analyst to cooperate with STO business development and pre-sales team members to plan, design and implement assigned business development projects;Review customer satisfaction and other operational metric results on a weekly basis to identify trends in performance, and produce monthly management reports; Perform a variety of cost and benefit analyses;Identify potential risks during development of new regional or global market, and   develop, recommend, and implement risk mitigation solutions by describing requirements in a work-flowchart and diagram; analyze alternative solutions if possible.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Business Analytics, Operations Research or closely related disciplines. MBA is preferred.


    3.       Customer Communications Supervisor: STO is looking for a customer communications supervisor to manage the development and execution of communication promotional campaigns, social media channels, and owned media; communicate the customers’ perspective to stakeholders to ensure goals and objectives are met; Identify digital campaign management processes (and technology) across digital display/video, searched, and owned channels; Translate audience data/insights into digital communications content for implementation in multiple channels.

Degree requirement: a bachelor or higher degree is required.


    4.       Market Research Analyst: STO is looking for a market research analyst to design and implement STO marketing plans and marketing strategies; Generate and test predictive models based on situation analysis, business and marketing objectives; Provide ongoing market reporting, including industry trends, logistics service provider analysis, pricing and distribution channels to help locate new customers; Cooperate in team environment with Sales Department to understand business challenges, to support management in generating new strategic concepts for STO’s core products.

      Degree requirement:  Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or closely related disciplines. MBA is preferred.


    5.       Declarant: STO is looking for several declarants to help with STO import and export declarations.

Skill requirement: at least five years’ import and export declaration experience is required or equivalent certification preferred.


    6.       Account Executive: STO is hiring an account executive who will be responsible for the entire sales process – that’s everything from intelligence gathering and prospecting to negotiating and managing accounts; He/She needs excellent communication skills with experience of creating and delivering presentations.

Degree requirement: a relevant bachelor or higher degree is required.


    7.       Financial Assistant: STO is hiring a financial assistant who is responsible for providing financial policy and strategy advice to STO Express America; He/She executes policies and strategies approved by senior management for monitoring capital markets, maintaining banking relationships, raising external funds through debt and equity markets, and financing leases; Presents new financial opportunities to STO senior management to be included in corporate strategies for improved financial performance; Calculates present value of future cash flows at current yield curve rates to value outstanding debt, lease, and swap agreements.

Degree requirement: a relevant bachelor or higher degree is required.


    8.       Warehouse Associate: STO is hiring several warehouse associates. Responsibilities will include loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, auditing, general housekeeping, kitting, inbound processing, scanning orders, shipping and receiving, put-a-way, data entry into computerized inventory control systems and inventory control. In addition, most positions may require you to operate powered equipment such as a forklift or hydraulic jack lift to perform duties.

Skill requirement: Must be able to read and speak English. At least a high school diploma or equivalent certification preferred.