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Insurance and Claims


Part I: Disclaimer:

Belonging to the following conditions, do not assume liability.

1. The time limit due to force majeure caused message delays or lost items ( "force majeure" means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective circumstances, including customs clearance inspection, flight delays, war, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires and other similar events).
2. The delivery of goods in violation of prohibited or restricted Send prescribed by the competent authority in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or the confiscation process.
3. When the messages are delivered to the packaging intact, seals intact, no signs of damage dismantled, and the recipient has to sign the required formalities, after the recipient found missing or damaged internal parts.
4. When delivering the messages indicated on the package weight and the actual weight is consistent, and the recipient has to sign the required formalities, after the recipient found missing or damaged internal parts;
5. The recipient unit or residential areas do not allow delivery personnel to enter, because the collection of internal departments acts or omissions, or delays caused by mailing time items lost;
6. The collection of relatives and friends of the recipient's address;
7. Since the customer's responsibility to send the goods or their own reasons causing the mail loss or delay.
8. Mail Client from the date posted as to the date of expiry of queries failing to inquire about or demand compensation (from the mail three months from the date of receipt of mailing)
9. International mail is country of destination under its domestic laws and regulations detained, confiscated or destroyed.
10. According to the Regulations Shentong domestic payment to the last record on the time stream, you do not receive the parcel, or other unusual circumstances, such as: air bags, fewer pieces, lost parts, except in exceptional circumstances (such as customs clearance is not out), you must contact the United States STO in a month or less Peifu process; if more than one month, we will not be able to handle complaints payout.

We do not accept or assume a variable type, including milk powder, vulnerability, fragile items and insurance payments, hereby declare!

Part II: insurance payments:

All items need insurance, the customer must provide purchase invoices.

1. This service is voluntary basis. When the sender choose this service, you should determine the value of goods and shipping each message maximum insured amount of $ 150;
2. The insurance fee of 3% of the insured amount declared charged;
3. declare the amount and the insured amount should be consistent with the actual value of the goods, if inconsistent, whichever is the lower of operator;
4. In the event of loss or insured mail, according to the insured amount paid is not refundable freight; as deficient, according to the insured amount, as appropriate compensation. (Fragile items not compensable)
5. Customer parcel delivery, freight included in the insurance limit of $ 100, if the mail is lost or all of the damage (fragile items
No compensation), according to the article the actual loss ratio by weight of the total weight of the insurance compensation for uninsured items does not exceed the maximum amount of compensation
$ 100;
6. fragile and does not accept the vulnerability of insurance and payment deformation items;

7. The Company will only accept insured items lost compensation does not accept payment damaged.

8. Since the date of issue of the goods at the site to play 90 days has elapsed without any clear package tracking information, this package can apply for compensation by the lost pieces of processing;

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