About Us

STO Brand


STO devotes itself to the development of an international brand; improving its terminal, transfer transport and information networks. Based on its traditional express industry, STO forwards its step into E-commerce logistics with professional service and strict quality control to stimulate the development of logistics and express industry in the worldwide, becoming one of the most influential international express company in customer’s economics and daily life.


In 21st century, as express industry strides itself with full speed, STO has been spreading its network with extensity and intensity, covering cities and towns in developed areas in the worldwide, especially in major cities all over the world.


STO Development

Recently, STO has been longing to improve its service, brand and corporate image, becoming one of the largest and the most organized private express company in the worldwide. STO build STO Express Platform, including operating system, data collecting system, wireless GPRS transmitting system, rating and weighing system, air express management system, vehicle management system, service complaint proceeding system, customer care system and E-commerce system, etc.


STO Future

In the future, with the continuous pursue of win-win with great zeal, STO will still keep devoting its effort in developing and building of the international brand, providing better, safer and faster express service for the society, promoting development of STO express, enhancing the brand value of enterprises, and creating the miracle of express through more investment, more regulated management and better human resources. At present, STO service quality and brand image has been upgrading itself, becoming one of the largest and the most integrated private express network all over the world.