STO Express International Layout


From the Coast to the Center, the nation's layout of STO Express

By 2015, with the cross-border electricity supplier competition enters a new phase, have also entered the high-speed cross-border stream of development. From random few people, few desks, a few computers can start the transfer, but now fast layout of large industry leaders, this year, we had a chance to reminisce, cross-border logistics industry has undergone tremendous changes, and as it has been the cross-border logistics and cross-border electricity supplier point of pain experienced after a short shuffle usher in a new situation.

Following the opening of the top ten in February STO Express Cargo Center, April STO Express concern another big move. STO Express layout first major US ports along the state, building a complete courier network, and then began to "coast to the center" of the nation's layout, layout have been opened in major US urban centers flagship store. First is New York, according to incomplete statistics, the total number of Chinese in the United States more than 240 million, of which New York a place on more than 40 million people. New York's Chinatown several places, but the most famous is the three places, one is located at the southern tip of Manhattan in New York City, one is located in Flushing, Queens. Another is that the Eighth Avenue in Brooklyn. US Shentong 4 lave flagship store, Queens, New York University Branch, Brooklyn flagship store in Manhattan's Chinatown flagship store at the same time opened opened simultaneously to the Chinese mainland ordinary Express, USPS particularly fast line, the United States ordinary fast lane, especially the fast lane and and other pieces of business the next day, serving New York Chinese. Store layout New York city's financial center in each of the Chinese central point, and even around the University (a large part of college students engaged in international purchasing business, which is characterized by cross-border electricity supplier to adapt), from here, STO Express store network throughout the United States, under better services online and offline, to facilitate the nation's overseas Chinese and residents of the United States, to keep up with the pace of cross-border electricity supplier development.

"Coast to the center" strategy is only the beginning of New York, including a low-key Las Vegas prior to the opening of the flagship store, let us see the blueprint for the future trajectory of STO Express. It is reported that, STO Express in 50 states distributed sites and stores, in addition to constructing the Silk Road to China, we will also open up the US state of network, after the United States UPS, FEDEX, USPS another three American Express express, also through these networks link STO outlets around the world, open up the "re putting" - two of the world's most influential countries, China and the United States, quickly won the leadership of the main market in the later war, the strategic significance will also be highlighted.

Outline a complete framework for the future, every step will be carried out, to take the right strategic approach, this is a battle, a silent war market, whose decision-making faster and more decisive, more accurately judge the situation, who can win , STO Express of this move, and time will prove who is the best!