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STO Express America FAQ Advisory Summary

 STO Express America hereinafter referred to as: US STO

Here are the problems in the US sea Amoy Shentong customer curated and some summary of site operations

  1. How to shipping US STO situation? Online shopping and express freight transport freight What is the difference? Shopping other transport service surcharges?

    US STO Shipment divided into two categories: online shopping and express freight transport costs, point select specific projects inquiry;

    US STO shipping is to add 5 dollars in net purchases transport freight basis / piece, because the courier service in the face of American local customers, hand-fill waybill, one service, but also need to run a single-input systems, high labor costs but if American customers register online, fill out the online transport waybill that he sent to member stores in the United States or Shentong branch, and they can enjoy online shopping freight transport;

2. The United States STO and transport those items can not be shipped? Those items can be shipped? (The following description is limited to the United States to China, the United States to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries do not limit)

    Do not carry any dangerous goods and restricted articles; there can not be shipped for commercial purposes items; the US to China Shentong express only undertake low-value items personal supplies, such as: food (excluding milk, seafood), health products (excluding ginseng, bird's nest high-value supplements), maternal and child products, general commodities, clothes, shoes, personal care products, small appliances, low-value (excluding mobile phones, computers, tablet computers, cameras, video cameras, home appliances, etc.), non-line brand of skin care products and handbags, crafts generally low value (excluding watches, glasses, jewelry, artifacts, high-value coins). United States to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries do not have the above limitation.

3. What is the value of goods limit?

    Currently only accept 1000 yuan the following personal belongings.

4. The number of items in the package What are the limits?

    With no more than three varieties of items, with a range of no more than one's own;

5. How tariff situation? If produce tariffs How do you pay?

    According to customs requirements, 1000 yuan the following personal items for personal use range, tariff calculation, refer to "incoming passenger baggage and personal items import duty tariff classification table" while referring to "the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 43 (on the adjustment of the entry and exit personal postal management measures related matters "in the relevant tax exemption provisions.

6. How do I buy insurance? How much is the premium?

    Since the acceptance of the current value of goods of 1,000 yuan less, the company will assume $ 100 or less lost insurance payments items.

However, if the client is concerned parcels damaged or missing items, you can first select the appropriate packaging services, and then choose to buy insurance, the premium is 3% of value of goods.

7. Why do you want to upload a recipient ID? Upload ID is safe?

    Upload recipient identity documents in order to implement the relevant provisions of China's customs, the identity information provided by customers only for customs clearance and will not be disclosed to third parties and provided.

8. What is the United States duty-free warehouse? Under what circumstances to choose free warehouse?

    Shopping in the United States, most states there is the vast majority of goods consumption tax, consumption tax rate is not the same, but there are a few states no consumption tax, such as the US West Coast, Oregon (OR) and the East Coast of Delaware state (DE), established in these states transit warehouse called the United states duty-free warehouse, online shopping are sent to these products duty-free warehouse without paying excise duty;

Since the tax-free warehouse freight than an ordinary warehouse freight is higher, customers in the online ordering of goods, delivery address first select the general warehouse address in the settlement, if the display has a consumption tax, according to how much the consumption tax, and then calculate the different warehouses Freight the difference, consider whether you want to change the shipping address tax-free warehouse.

9. Why use free warehouse freight depot higher than the other?

    Generally tax-free state of the aviation industry is not very developed, fewer flights member, relatively high shipping costs, if the goods will be shipped from Oregon to San Francisco, the goods from Delaware to New York or New Jersey, we need to increase the US domestic freight, and therefore exempt state shipping costs will be higher.

10. The United States Oregon Shentong warehouse directly processed goods sent to China, or the need to handle freight shipped to San Francisco?

At present China from Oregon directly to the warehouse.

11. When ordering website, fill shipping address, name (First Name) to fill STOUS? Receipt back to fill in the address Ste.xxxxxx digital?

    The US domestic express delivery company, will often send the wrong circumstances, STOUS is the company warehouse code, mainly to facilitate the US domestic express cargo sorting, reducing the possibility of error, be sure to ask the customer to fill out;

    Warehouse shipping address behind Ste.xxxxxx digital customers only warehousing code to facilitate the accurate determination owner, for example: There are two Mary, a user named Mary, another real name called Mary, can not determine the real owner of the warehouse, please the customer must fill out a six-digit customer code;

12. Why should we set the item category? How do you set?

    Set brand goods, variety, name three specific classification, in order to make accurate export documentation to US Customs export declaration, but also need to declare the importing country.

    Item information fields are being sent customers according to their own products before ordering merchandise, according to the brand of goods, category names, specific names, setting the three-tier classification sent items, such as: a Category: GNC (brand); Secondary category: health products (category name); three-tier classification: vitamins (specific name).

13. How many days free storage time? How to go beyond time and costs?

    30 days free storage. More than 30 days, the system automatically $ 1 / piece / day accounting, over 60 days by abandoned cargo handling.

Deal package if the guest fails to timely payment, within 15 days free storage charges, if more than 15 days, from the 16th day to close at $ 1 per day storage fee. More than 60 days by the abandoned cargo handling.

14. Close the box What does it mean? how much is the cost?

Combined box refers to more than low-value, low weight goods combined packaging, shipping, freight collect heavy cost savings, but whether multiple items can be combined case, the operator will be based on the value of goods, variety, quantity and other factors a reasonable process.

There is no waiting cargo tank close attendance, it will take up storage space, so the co-pay will drop service after closing the actual weight of the parcel box generated 10% of the freight calculations. Just select multiple items, the default combination box, you will be charged the appropriate co-box fee!

Item 15. Why binning? How many points cost me?

If the customer a one-time purchase personal items worth more than 1000 yuan, or a larger number of cases will need to be divided into 2 or more boxes, divided into different number of days to issue. Binning will not charge a service fee.

16. Why shopping site shipping weight and the weight of the courier company is not the same issue? How customers to confirm?

When shopping site delivery, except USPS USPS, the basic will show other courier companies and courier waybill on weight, but sometimes the weight is not accurate, so there will be weight and courier issued is not the same situation;

Customer acknowledges that there are two methods, one is to confirm the weight after receipt of goods, such as pay-weight and the actual weight does not match the look refund; the second is to take pictures before the request for payment, to verify the actual weight of the article, but need to take pictures cost $ 1 .

17. The United States STO transit is how a process?
       American Sign STO account - Members Get warehouse location - under a single shopping site - site delivery - the arrival forecast Shentong Website - parcel sorting warehouse receipt, storage, shelves - Customer Fill - shelves weighing process - Debit Success delivery - Customs clearance - domestic express - sign.

18. Which fill the site shipping address?
      Pro, you buy above the shopping network delivery address please fill in the address of your member center oh. Do not choose a site recommended oh address, so that we do not receive your package warehouse, thank you!

19. The United States and the domestic STO STO What is the relationship?
      China is the United States STO STO offices in the US, we are responsible for the business of the United States to the Chinese mainland.

20. The United States STO What Cargo Centre?
     Shen Tong in the United States shipped centers are set in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oregon, Chicago, Houston, Boston, New York, Delaware, Florida. (Net purchases of domestic users to choose OR fastest oh)

21. What are the transport channels?
      There are two take the goods channels: A channel for the first $ 8 pounds, 5 pounds Continued dollars, enjoy tariff subsidies; B channels pound first $ 6, $ 4 pound continued without tariff subsidies.

22. A channel tariffs make up the number?
      Hello, A channels enjoy tariff subsidies, it is a full complement.

23. The shipment weight is how much?
     Calculated in accordance with LB pounds, two pounds of departure, two pounds more than the actual weight of the charges, such as 0.01 lbs 0.05 dollars calculated in accordance with (A channel).

24. Now the RMB exchange rate?
     Hello, recharge RMB exchange dollar exchange rate 6.3.

25. What is a single in the end?
     Your package in the United States posted a good Shen Tong waybill, without sub domestic express delivery, the whole package shipping status can be tracked in order inquiry.

26. What are the advantages of customs clearance?
      Independent clearance license, customs clearance and delivery of train services, safe and convenient.

27. The United States STO What kind of service advantages?
       US STO has many years of industry experience, every registered customer has a dedicated customer service, so you can contact and follow up on the status of your package oh.

28. The United States STO aging How?
        After the parcel storage is required for timely completion of the single transport plane, the normal package is generally a few days or so will calculate the shipping process, will be charged after a successful and timely delivery, shipped out to the clearance is generally 7-10 days.

29. There are weight restrictions?
        According clearance requirements, the specific category of individual parcels specific weight requirements please see the link: http:? // Sid = 2

30. What are the costs of value-added services?
        Hello, in addition to the main weight billing, charges other value-added services please see the link: http: // sid = 21, drop down the page to see?.

31. What time to pre-recharge?
       All packages shipped uncommitted, and later a warehouse for storage of your submitted shipped in inventory requires pre-recharge.

32. The United States STO How much return fee?
       Return label available only charge $ 5 fee, can not be provided in accordance with US shipping charge first heavy $ 18, added weight to 1.25 dollars.

33. The volume weight?
        Usually items are not charged, oversized items excess of $ 1 / lb, volume weight exceeds the actual weight twice as large items.

34. how to calculate the volume weight?
        Length (inches) X width (inches) X height (inches) ÷ 166.00 = pounds.

35. The tax-free Continent straight hair do?
        Hello, we are duty-free straight hair Oh, the other Cargo Center is also a local straight hair.

36. Why fill orders in advance?
        The first operation is carried out when the cargo storage cargo sorting, scanning cargo at storage, it may have to fill in the waybill sort out parcels will be promptly transferred to the operating departments, such as account balance will have to deliver on time, accelerate the delivery of aging, or else the need for manual storage of goods, not only a waste of labor, increased transport costs and delays aging, but also increase the storage pressure. So it is best recommended that as soon as possible to fill in the waybill, oh.

37. arrival forecast how the operation?
        Before the arrival of the goods storage [forecast] Submit timely and accurate and convenient storage of the goods to the customer entered the warehouse records; (if wrapped together without waiting behind me, the proposed direct transport plane to fill orders, parcel post faster storage processing oh) use [forecast] arrival so you needed to be combined cargo container shipping, but also at the site when the discount bulk purchase short-term storage and, if necessary, submit waybill goods out of the library.

38. Credit card safe?
       Hello, credit card theft brush in order to avoid such insecurity is happening, you can open this link Oh look, I wish you a happy life!

39. no compensation range?
       Due to weather, natural disasters, flight delays, package inspection by customs inspection and other uncontrollable factors caused the delay, no compensation;

40. Compensation objects?
      Insured compensation only for the loss of the whole package, all package receipt without exception, not the company claims, parcel packaging no traces of demolition, the recipient sign for member lost or damaged within the company makes claims.

41. Fragile payment?
      For fragile items, glass crafts, daily necessities, artwork and other fragile, need customers to choose their own individual items reinforcement services, our company can provide reinforcement and other value-added services, if the entire single loss, the terms of payment will be more than compensation.

42. Cargo Center Price?
      For the local market prices in the United States do not understand, try to consult your local branch for guests, only for our online price OR net purchases of domestic customers. Offer is only being related to the Chinese online shopping customers.

43. how to use coupon code?
      Hello, issued by the discount code does not require refill into account, fill in the waybill when direct input is available coupon code to detect enough.

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