Keeping criminals telephone fraud bulletin


Keeping criminals telephone fraud bulletin

    Recent criminals use QQ or telephone and other communication channels to contact consumers to major shipping companies to defraud, attempt to defraud consumers' bank accounts and other personal information. As the logistics industry in which a US Shentong reminded all members of the user:

    1, United States STO initiative for any reason will not require users to provide personal bank account numbers, passwords, phone codes and other related information, all personal information submitted from the United States are the only official website STO Member Center Upload;

2, United States STO contact customer service to the user's home telephone number: 400-0186-555, USA Phone number: 888-4481-288. Users encounter any claims to the United States STO message can call two numbers to verify all of them, or to the United States STO's official website online customer service consulting verified;

    3, any activity held in US Sto average user will not be charged, and all require the user to pay or provide bank cards, pay phones and other personal information are scams treasure of information!